Who We Are

Villa Vittoria is an ancient dwelling built in the 1900s, full of history and charm. Previously owned by Alessandro Volta’s family, the inventor of the electric battery, Villa Vittoria has been entirely refurbished by the legend of motorcycle racing Giacomo Agostini, which is the current owner.
Vittoria, his first-born daughter, is the one who runs the activity. After a Master in Interior Design from KLC in London, Vittoria Agostini managed to fulfil her dream to furnish and decorate a property on her own. Villa Vittoria is characterised by a classic-contemporary style, which displays elegance and refinement. Vittoria’s style has developed and enriched over the years by accompanying and assisting her father in his many trips around the globe, staying in some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts worldwide.

Villa Vittoria is a luxury Bed & Breakfast located in the historic centre of “Città Alta”, in Bergamo. It is a place created to welcome anyone who wishes to have a relaxing stay, surrounded by a familiar and warm atmosphere. Villa Vittoria is characterised by the sophistication of a design hotel and by the preciousness of a boutique hotel. It is surrounded by immaculate gardens and green areas, with breathtaking views on the heart of “Città Alta”, and every detail has been studied and taken care of in order to make any stay an unforgettable experience.